Included in the wider Wabi-sabi culture, the Kintsugi is the art to subliming the scars, to cherish the wounds, showing the path crossed.
The wabi-sabi invites to recognize the beauty that lies in simple, imperfect and atypical things.
Repaired with care, the object, paradoxically, becomes stronger and more precious.


  • Outside part: recycled tan bark mainsail of trawler Provident  1924-
  • Cover-up with silk thread, in the spirit of the Japanese Kintsugi
  • one cotton/ leather handle handmade sewed
  • strap of recycled tanbark sail
  • steel schakles
  • Inside part : recycled light genoa
  • invisible  magnetic button closed the bag.
  • One pocket (14×25)closed with velcro
  • Size: 25x13x23 cm
  • washable at 30°

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RDV guarantee that this bag is entirely made of an used sail, mainsail of shipping Trawler Provident 1924 Salcombe, which was washed from its impurities

Each bag is unique. The bag that you will choose in the photo is exactly the bag you will receive.

Possible irregularities are not manufacturing defects but testimonies of the “real-life experience” of the sail, which return this a unique and authentically recycled accessory.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 23 cm