These objects we call here “iPiù” are the “more” rare, the “more” particular, the “more”… personalized sometimes.
The manufacture of sails boats evolving fast, high technology invents new fabrics, assembly technics and renounce to parts of the rigging like bronze sackkles, sewn eyelets.
So, the recuperation of an old blu eyelet oxydised by the sea salt spray becomes a rare piece of the navigation History ;
a scar recalling an unfortunate jibe, a manual reparation are special traces on the sails which permit us to imagine stories we transmit.
Sometimes, the recycled sail invites us to intervene on it, leaving our own prints, a painting which plays with the fabric weft, some glass beads sewn on a spinnaker that reflect the elusive daylight, a forgotten alphabet sewn along a consolidated piece of fabric.

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