“Conchiglia/shell” like the others. “Argonauta Argo” is the name of the intimate link between an elegant external skeleton and an intelligent marine mollusc, fast because it has two sails* and rich in a mythological resource: it will be Argonauta Argo” to inspire the Argo ship and the journey of the Argonauts in Homer’s Odyssey For four months in the Mediterranean, a crew of eighty-seven male gods (Heracles), including fifty rowers and females (Medea), will lead Argos and Jason in search of the golden fleece, from Thessaly to Colchis, all to the east of the Black Sea (current Georgia). On the way back, Argo will go up or down: the Danube, the Po, the Rhine and the Rhone and will be beset by a bad winter storm. Protected on the Libyan coast, the crew will be forced to carry the ship on their backs, across the desert. According to Alain Moreau, professor of ancient Greek, this ordeal allows the crew to be reborn. Thanks to Argo who “carried them in his bosom” and made them pass the necessary initiation allowing them to overcome the ordeal, this rebirth reads like a “collective heroization”. * argonauta in ancient Greek means to sail.

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