• Outside: recycled mainsail
  • detachable clutch (27x21cm) with zipper
  • eyelet at the bottom to make the water goes out after washing
  • one cotton handle, wth splices and “flat hitch sennit” knot,  covered with leather handmade –
  • pocket, for smartphone, closed with zipper
  • adjustable shoulder straps made out of gennaker and cotton strap
  • Inside part : recycled jib
  • spinnaker closure with sliding halyards
  • pocket closed with velcro, cm 42x20h.
  • Size: cm 47x23x39 height
  • washable at 30°

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-When she’ll come back who’ll believe her ?

Abducted with her sister Europe, one by the famous god Poseidon, the other by Zeus, the Phoenician princess Astypalea was abused, abandoned and petrified in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

On their trade routes, Cretan, Greek, Roman, Bysantine and Ottoman navigators follow one another on this new island with a butterfly profil ; the rich Venetian Querini built his castle there at the top of the hill, archaeologists and travelers alike settle there and look for traces of its history, few lost tourists  today come and point their passage on their screen.

Friend of the Metelmi wind who flies over the sea, Astypaleae then learns to blow on the stones which encumber his lungs and frees hersent from them . She threads a light white backpack made of a recycled sail from one of these sewn-boats (rhapta ploiaria) anchored in the bay of Livadi, a pair of “wind soles” that Rimbaud would steal her later,  before running to the Red Sea and avoiding  more pitfalls, continues her imaginary course.



RDV guarantee that this bag is entirely made of an used genoa sail, which was washed from its impurities

Each bag is unique. The bag that you will choose in the photo is exactly the bag you will receive.

Possible irregularities are not manufacturing defects but testimonies of the “real-life experience” of the sail, which return this a unique and authentically recycled accessory.

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 47 × 23 × 39 cm
Shoulder strap

Cotton rope, Sail strap