Iconic travel sailbags

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The sailor who crosses the deck of the ship, after a long crossing, placed the traditional sailor’s bag on his muscular back unmistakable with its rope handle formed by a dozen sea knots; later on board, hanging next to the hammock, he rocked with the roll of the boat.
Today this traditional sailor’s bag continues to fascinate us.

Since 1995, the “Matelot” bag of Relations de voyages® for travel has undergone some changes and other models with different volumes have appeared: “A.ALONE.98”, “Amiral M.”, the ” Bauletto”  for women is the ideal for the weekend; during the holidays they are mistreated, but wherever they are they retain their origins in recycled sail with an enigmatic and discreet charm. Upon returning home a wash and are ready for other adventures by boat, plane, car or travel on foot….

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