Waka travel bag

The Caroline Islands in Micronesia are home to some of the most accomplished long-distance voyagers in the Pacific on clever sailing canoe, the waka. Among the greatest hazards facing Carolinian sailors are powerful storms which can destroy the canoe, drowning the crew or leaving them adrift far from land. To avert such disasters, navigators employ weather charm, believed to have the ability to prevent or alter the path of approaching bad weather. The weather charm is called Hos and can be made of shell, wood, natural fibers, roots.
Observing the sky the navigator grasps the Hos then sounds a shell trumpet to invoke the spirits, recites a chant to drive away any approaching storms. The charm is then carried aboard, where, in the past, it was often kept in a small spirit house set atop the booms connecting the hull to the outrigger. Once the bad weather has passed, the hos is returned to the spirit house. Back on land, the potent charms are kept in the canoe house and cannot be stored in ordinary dwellings.

Pacific islands are actually extremely vulnerable to climate change. The most substantial impacts include losses of coastal infrastructure and land, more intense cyclones and droughts, failure of subsistence crops and coastal fisheries, losses of coral reefs and mangroves, and the spread of certain diseases.
Today we are all together into he same boat floating on the surface of the the planet and we need absolutely to take care of the visible and viewless environment.. Traditionnal faith or beliefs had the meaning of respecting Life and keep Harmony in the cosmos.

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