• Outside part: recycled mainsail
  • Two large pockets outside (52×35)
  • Oxidized eyelets
  • Two cotton handles covered with leather handmade sewed attached on the pockets with twisted shackles
  • An high quality slider closed the bag
  • Eyelets at the bottom to make the water goes out after washing.
  • A large used-sail strip , tied with two twisted shackles.
  • Inside part: recycled   jib
  • Two pockets (35×24), one closed with velcro.
  • Size:52x30x46 cm

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RDV guarantee that this bag is entirely made of an used sail, genoa, which was washed from its impurities

Each bag is unique. The bag that you will choose in the photo is exactly the bag you will receive.

Possible irregularities are not manufacturing defects but testimonies of the “real-life experience” of the sail, which return this a unique and authentically recycled accessory.

Dimensions 52 × 30 × 46 cm