papyrifera cellulose pulp accessories

In Oceania, in the Vanuatu islands, the word “navigation”  is said “Te borau = to collect Pandanus leaves”;  of course to braid and sew the sails of the canoe. And the spanish poet Rafael Alberti to add: “There are, on the sea (also) doors that we open with words”.

If the explorer-sailor needs words and support to go from island to island, the sailor-explorer also needs words and supports to collect and record what he sees, listens, feels, between the sea ans the sky. It will be the songs, chants and tales that will collect all the meteorological data, the relationships betwen the creatures and the adventures encountered all along the journey. The “floats” that  these elements represent will also be symbolized on the return, on the vault of the House of Assembly, in order to trasmit to the youngest.

Yet the shrub Broussonetia papyrifera grows on the pacific islands. But the use of its bark did not end up in the support of words. The magnificent painted tapas have, there, a vocation of ceremonial clothes.These are Chinese craftsmen who will extract the bast (the second bark) from it, turn it into a dried flattened pulp and invent the Paper on which to retain all the words of the World. Later and   , at the battle of Talas in Khirgizistan in 751, the Arabs forced the Chinese to reveal the secret of its manufacture ; later still further, in Fabriano Italy, the west will discover the fantastic medium. Fantastic bu fragile.

Especially if it becomes a “Logbook” and gets swept up in the 40th Roaring.

Today there is a new material, made almost like paper (from cellulosic fibers from plant cell walls or from conventional cellulose recycling), worked in such a technological way that it becomes resistant like leather and washable like a fabric. Produced in Italy with certification of the Forest Stewardship Council FSC® CQ-COC-000418, it is this material, we use to make the bags and accessories. The handles are regenerated cotton from recycling of cotton fabrics or clothing.

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